Apr 18, 2024 I gave a talk DeLLMa at the Information Science Institute NLG Seminar. Check out the video here ✌️
Apr 1, 2024 We introduce IsoBench🔥, an evaluation suite that benchmarks multimodal foundation models on isomorphic representations!
Mar 13, 2024 Our work, On Retrieval Augmentation and the Limitations of Language Model Training, has been accepted to NAACL 2024 🇲🇽
Feb 6, 2024 New preprint available! We introduce DeLLMa🤔, a large language model based framework for making rational decisions under uncertainty.
Jan 16, 2024 Our paper Interpretable Diffusion via Information Decomposition has been accepted for poster presentation at ICLR 2024! First time traveling to Vienna ✈️🇦🇹
Dec 10, 2023 Flying over to NOLA to attend NeurIPS 2023—let’s meet up! Michael and I will be presenting our work on mechanistic interpretability of GPT-2 for implementing a mathematical reasoning task.
Nov 17, 2023 I will present two papers on mechanistic interpretability and information-theoretic diffusion at SoCalNLP 2023. See you in UCLA!